In this part of the personal website experience I tell you, about how I went to film school in Newcastle, then was a founding member design collective NOVACK. 

Before moving to london to work as an Junior Interface designer at UStwo.  later moving to Not To Scale as a Tech Runner, witch if you are unsure, is like a runner, but one that does animation. so running and animating. 

From there I was picked up as a Director and initially signed to Pulse Films where I re-discovered my love for creating moving image. 

I'm currently represented by Agile Films Under the pseudonym NeverEndingFun. 

In this bit, ill let you know that I have created work with and for a slew of clients in a broad range of aesthetic styles, from interactive music videos to fashion films and commercials. for 55dsl, Vice, Nike, Volvo, iD magazine, Boiler Room, Burberry, among many others. And that I have Directed music videos for bands like Royal Blood, The Cribs, Crystal Catles, Drenge, The ginger one from girls aloud, Peaches and loads more.

Also I will tell you that  I have been nominated for two UK Music video awards, Once in the 'innovation' category, and once in the 'Indy / Rock'

Finally, Most recently I Worked as Head Of Video at the LADbible. Leading the formation of the department as well as overseeing its creative output, both Commercially and Editorially. Overseeing in the creating of viral sensations such as the HOME MADE DONOR KEBAB (9.5 m views) and Kevin Heart VS Stormzy rap battle (5.5m views)

I love a good creative challenge, and relish creating aesthetically and technically forward thinking work. 

Put simply i like to make good things. I love the fizzy rush of creating something from nothing.